Weird combinations has started to define the Swedish americana band The Bland. It’s members who just finished studying medical school and teacher educations have now moved out in the countryside to put everything beside music on the shelf. Swedish media speak of the band as creators of a new Swedish dimension in music, but that their style geographically sound more from a southern America.


After building a studio out of a barn The Bland are now releasing single after single and will only leave the forests when they’re touring. Recently released ’Monday Morning’ collected over 4 000 euros to finance children’s education and their latest ’Mighty Old One’ generated both praise and death threats when they stood up for solidarity in Sweden.


During spring The Bland went on tours in both Sweden and Germany, which generated wild reactions from both concert visitors and journalists. Among others Germany’s biggest country magazine ”” praised The Bland - who are now booked for another, even bigger tour in Europe with gigs in over 10 countries this autumn.



Media sources:

”The Bland deserves to operate in their own genre with their modern touch” - King Magazine

”With their mandolins, banjo and double bass and Axel Öbergs great vocals, The Bland feels more like an american south than a small town in Närke”. - Swedish Television, PSL
”The Bland has created a new dimension in Swedish music” -  Nerikes Allehanda
"Some say they are the music world's best-kept secret, others that they merge the 1970s with the 2010s in a way making both nostalgics and reformers sigh as of pleasure"- Sveriges Radio (Sweden's Radio)

Tour 2017

08.07 Borlänge, Sweden @ Peace & Love Festvial

26.07 Stockholm, Sweden @ Lasse i Parken

27.07 Avesta, Sweden @ En Lokal

28.07 Mannaminne, Sweden @ New Orleans Festival

29.07 Lennartsfors, Sweden @ Bergsstugan

05.08 Örebro, Sweden @ Tjo i Tjögsta

19.09 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Geyser Festival

06.10. Hamburg, Germany @ Indra

07.10. Kiel, Germany @ Hansa48

08.10. Bremen, Germany @ Litfass

09.10. Harpstedt, Germany @ Liberty's

13.10. Berlin, Germany @ Badehaus

14.10. Cottbus, Germany @ Zum Faulen August

18.10. Lustenau, Austria @ RockS

20.10. Düsseldorf, Germany @ The Tube

21.10. Köln, Germany @ Blue Shell

27.10 To Be Announced

28.10 To Be Announced

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MANAGEMENT: Lycklig Produktion